Residential work

Formulating quality, inspiring spaces is our passion. Our work on residential projects includes assistance with determining client requirements as well as establishing project viability.  The unique needs of each home are considered and, when looking at extensions or alterations, we endeavour to incorporate as much of the existing space and structure as possible.

Commercial and mixed-use

The spatial design of modern office buildings are directly informed by the requirements of the corporate client and the manner in which each individual company operates and functions. Design solutions are tailor made to address interaction between departments and to optimize productivity within the workplace. Corporate identity is embodied in the architectural design to ensure Read more about Commercial and mixed-use[…]


Retail solutions are deduced by determining merchandising requirements, desired movement of consumers within shops as well as the integration of franchise identity throughout the store. An appropriate design language will be carried through to all elements of the space, defining the form of furniture, light fittings, signage and product displays.


Our interior designs are considered an extension of the overall architectural design language employed on a project. Interiors, being a crucial component of buildings, are the places where occupants interact with their environment on a more physical and direct level. Finishes, fixtures and purpose-made furniture ensure a unique and dynamic interior which stimulates interest in Read more about Interiors[…]